A shot across the pond at Childerley wedding venue in Cambridge

There are multiple reasons why your favourite restaurant is your favourite restaurant. Be it the food, the way the staff make you feel, the atmosphere. It’s similar with that for me as a Kent Wedding Photographer with where my favourite venues are in Cambridge considering I used to live there.

At time of writing this, there are still a bunch of venues I am yet to shoot at. However, here are the ones that I have special memories about and therefore are My Favourite Wedding Venues in Cambridge.

Childerley, Cambridge Wedding Venue

A shot across the pond at Childerley wedding venue in Cambridge

The welcome that I received at Childerley was probably my favourite. Even after the wedding the manager’s asked me to go on their recommended supplier list. This gesture showed they really valued my friendly approach, and when they saw the photographs they were overwhelmed with joy.

Kings College, Cambridge University

A photograph of the top table at Kings College Cambridge wedding venue

Iconic. It may be pretty dark inside but that’s what having an experienced photographer is for. The food I was given as a supplier was a bit disappointing (sandwiches and crisps). However the food that was served to the guests was out of this world. The staff were friendly, had a sense of humour and the grounds were impeccably kept considering there were tourists allowed on site.

The Manor Barn, Cambridge Wedding Venue

A photograph of the bride giving a speech at Manor Barn wedding venue in Cambridge.

I’m so stoked to be shooting here another few times this year, but the welcome I received when I first shot here was brilliant. Since shooting there I have been recommended countless times to couples and I feel fondly remembered by the staff. The grounds were fun to explore and there were more fairly lights than I dared to count (this looks awesome in photos).

South Farm, Cambridge Wedding Venue

It has been a long time since I associate photographed at South Farm. Since then, so many changes have happened in that time to make this venue an epic, highly sought after wedding venue in Cambridge. The house looks like something taken out of a Spanish island! This makes you feel like you are away from any hustle and bustle in stunning grounds.

There are plenty more venues I hope to photograph at in the future, but here are some of my favourite Cambridge wedding venues.

April 3, 2024

My Favourite Wedding Venues in Cambridge

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