Beautiful reception area in Kings College

The fact that I take on such a limited amount of weddings per year could mean that I haven’t photographed a wedding at your chosen venue. Something that I have learned over the years is how to adapt to any given lighting scenario. So for me there are a few Cambridge Wedding Venue Goals that are on my list of places I would absolutely LOVE to photograph.

I have already had the joy of ticking off a bunch of those in the last couple of years like the famous Kings College:

Beautiful reception area in Kings College
A photograph of the top table at Kings College Cambridge wedding venue, one of my Cambridge Wedding Venue Goals.

This place was gorgeous, even in the winter we managed beautiful locations! This was always one of my Cambridge Wedding Venue Goals. There has been building work on Kings College going on since 2020 which has meant it hasn’t looked as amazing it could for a long time. However, there are plenty of areas inside that still retain the authenticity.

The grand, epic Manor Barn:

Top table view of the rest of the reception area at Manor Barn in Cambridge

The size of this venue is incredible, and the team there are always looking to raise their game year on year. Be it the outdoor garden area or the entrance with cocktails for everybody before the reception.

And although usually I photograph weddings in Kent & Cambridge, here’s a venue in London called the Trafalgar Tavern that I photographed a wedding at recently.

I would LOVE to photograph at a few of these venues in Cambridge:

Holmewood Hall

The Old Hall, Ely

Swynford Manor

Granary Estates

Sheene Mill

Bassmead Manor Barns

Madingley Hall

So hey, if you happen to be getting married at one of these venues I am showing my hand right now to say I would be so stoked to photograph your wedding. Each of these venues has great social media presence and communication that I am sure it would be a pleasure to shoot there.

Portrait of Tom Keenan the Kent Wedding Photographer

February 21, 2024

Cambridge Wedding Venue Goals