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As the UK becomes increasingly aware of the importance of veganism and animal welfare, more couples are considering a vegan wedding. And why not? If you’re a vegan, a vegan wedding is not only a great way to celebrate your love and commitment to each other. It is also a wonderful way to spread awareness and compassion to your guests. In this post I’ll provide you with some valuable advice on how to plan a vegan wedding that reflects your values and honours your guests.

Vegan Wedding Photographer

As a vegan wedding photographer, I love getting to try different food at each wedding. Although a plant-based diet is a decision I have made, I don’t expect every couple I photograph to do the same. Respect to every wedding couple, and whatever we eat we can all give thanks, right?

Option 1: All-Vegan Catering

If you’re passionate about veganism and want to make a bold statement, choose to have all your catering vegan. This means that every single dish, from the canapés to the main course, is free from animal products. This option is perfect for couples who are deeply committed to their vegan lifestyle and want to create a truly unique and memorable experience for their guests.

One vegan wedding I enjoyed photographing was a beautiful wedding in Cambridge that was held in a family home. This gave the couple full control of the suppliers they wanted, from floristry to food. Another wedding that I am photographing this year at South Farm in Cambridge has also chosen to have all the food plant-based.

Vegan Cocktail at Manor Barn

To easily make this option work, you’ll need to:

  • Research local vegan catering options or consider hiring a private chef who specialises in plant-based cuisine.
  • Work closely with your caterer to create a menu that is both delicious and satisfying.
  • Make sure to communicate with your guests about the all-vegan menu, so they know what to expect. Imagine how you would feel turning up to a wedding with no vegan options? This is how somebody who isn’t vegan may feel turning up to your wedding if they aren’t made aware beforehand.
  • Consider offering plenty of options for guests who may not be vegan themselves, such as gluten-free or food truck options.

Reading this first option may be overwhelming, and this is why it is often a good idea to find a wedding planner as they will do this research FOR you.

Option 2: A Mix of Vegan and Non-Vegan Options

Another option is to have a mix of vegan and non-vegan options at your wedding. This way, you can honour your vegan values while accommodating your non-vegan family and friends.

To make this option work, you can:

  • Choose a few vegan dishes as the main course, and offer non-vegan options as alternatives.
  • Ensure each guest RSVP’s well in advance so you eliminate the guess work around peoples’ diets.
  • Offer a variety of canapés that are both vegan and non-vegan.
  • Consider having a “vegan table” where vegan guests are seated. This will make things clear to caterers.
  • Make sure to label each dish clearly, so that guests know what they’re getting themselves into. You will know how frustrating it can be not knowing what is in food going out, let alone at a wedding.

Tips for Planning a Vegan Wedding

Vegan Pizza at a wedding

Whether you choose to go all-in on vegan catering or offer options, here are things you can do to ensure that your wedding runs smoothly:

  • Research, research, research! Look for local vegan caterers, bakeries, and vendors who can help you bring your vision to life. Remember, this is why hiring a wedding planner can be a game changer.
  • Communicate with your guests. Make sure they know what to expect in terms of food options, and consider having a separate menu for non-vegan guests.
  • Prepare yourself for questions and concerns around food. Some guests may not understand what it means to be vegan or may be hesitant to try new foods. Another reason to have a wedding planner, as they can be the person to give helpful responses to your guests.
  • Don’t forget about the little things! Consider offering vegan-friendly drinks which many popular ones usually are.


Planning a vegan wedding is a wonderful way to express your love and commitment to each other, while also spreading awareness to your guests. Whether you choose to go all-in on vegan catering or offer a mix of options, with these tips and options, you’ll be well on your way with this advice for a vegan wedding.

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June 10, 2024

Advice for a Vegan Wedding

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