As you plan your dream wedding, you’re likely considering every detail to make it perfect. From the venue to the flowers, the music to the menu, every aspect of your big day is important. But when it comes to capturing the memories, do you really want to skimp on something as precious as your wedding photos? How do you describe Luxury Wedding Photography style?

When my wife and I were planning our wedding we took note of the few things that we didn’t want to compromise on. In our case this was the rings, the photographer and the fact that we were feeding 100+. Other things like suits, location or decor then had less spent on them because they were less important to us.

Luxury Wedding Photography Style

Luxury wedding photography is not just about taking pictures; it’s an art form and investment in time. A luxury wedding photographer is not just a photographer, but a storyteller who will capture the essence of your special day and preserve it for a lifetime. Luxury wedding photography is original and fashionable, or as I like to say “authentic + timeless”. I document the day as it happens, and also get modern editorial portraits. 

One of the ways I try and differentiate my luxury wedding photography experience is by dedicating my full attention and energy to each couple’s special day. Yes, most wedding photographers will do this, but other photographers may choose multiple weddings for one weekend which I do not do.

I believe that every couple deserves to feel truly seen, heard, and celebrated on their wedding day. To ensure this, I prioritise their needs and create a personalised experience tailored to their unique story. By doing so, I’m able to provide a high-end level of service, attention to detail, and authentic storytelling that has kept me going since 2012.

“Essential” is more than acceptable in terms of what is included in the package. This includes average time coverage for a wedding, all the photographs, and me (the photographer!). But “luxury” is what it says – all the hours, two photographers, luxury album, thank you cards, prints, and a post-wedding consultation. It’s luxury cover.

How important is the luxury wedding photography style?

Think about it: the wedding cake will be devoured in a matter of hours, the dress will be worn only once, and the flowers will wilt away. But the photos – oh, the photos – will remain a treasured keepsake for generations to come.

Say it again – the cake* = eaten. The dress* = worn. The flowers* = dried at best, and in compost at worst. The photographs = forever.

*I am close friends in the industry with bakers, bridal shops and florists, so this is said with great respect to these people. Without the cake people would be hungry. Without the dress what would they wear? And without the flowers the whole aesthetic would be incomplete!

A luxury wedding photographer understands that your wedding photos are not just a record of what happened on your special day, but a reflection of your love, your personality, and your unique story. They will work with integrity to capture every moment, from the preparation and excitement of the morning, to the laughter and tears of the ceremony, to the joy and celebration of the reception.

Kent Wedding Photographer

So, why should you invest in luxury wedding photography?

Here are a few reasons:

  • Quality over quantity: A luxury wedding photographer will deliver a  high-quality images to a limited amount of weddings that are truly exceptional. They won’t rush through your wedding day snapping photos without thought or care. Instead, they’ll take their time to capture every moment, every emotion, and every detail.
  • Attention to detail: Luxury wedding photographers are meticulous about every aspect of their craft. They’ll pay attention to lighting, composition, and styling to ensure that every image is breathtakingly beautiful. Not only that I remember names of guests and get to know them on the day.
  • Storytelling: A luxury wedding photographer will tell your story through their images. They’ll capture the moments that make your heart skip a beat, the tears that fall during your first dance, and the laughter that echoes throughout the reception. Authentic documentary photography does that, whilst also keeping the fashionable editorial aesthetic.
  • Investment in memories: Your wedding photos are not just a souvenir of your special day; they’re an investment in memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. Think about all the years you’ll look back on those photos with fondness and nostalgia. Think about your parents/grandparents wedding memories.
  • Value over cost: While it’s true that luxury wedding photographers may charge more than their counterparts, their value lies in their expertise, experience, and dedication to capturing perfection. You’re not just paying for photos; you’re paying for an expression of art that will be treasured for generations.

Portrait of Tom Keenan smiling in his studio space

To conclude…

Investing in luxury wedding photography is not just about spending money; it’s about preserving memories that will be cherished. It’s about telling your story through images that are truly exceptional. And it’s about creating a keepsake that will be treasured by you and your loved ones for generations to come.

So, don’t settle for less than what you truly want. Invest in luxury wedding photography and ensure that your special day is captured with the same level of love and attention that you’ve poured into planning every other detail.

June 5, 2024

What is Luxury Wedding Photography Style?

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