When I got married in 2018, we had a beautiful church wedding. The ceremony was led by a service leader and the message was delivered by a preacher. Nowadays, non-religious weddings often require the services of a wedding celebrant. I had the pleasure of speaking with Arabella Wilde, a talented wedding celebrant based in Margate, to learn more about her role. Get ready to be inspired and take note of these valuable tips from a Deal Kent based Wedding Celebrant, Arabella!

Arabella Wilde Celebrant

What made you decide to become a wedding celebrant and how long have you been doing it?

My daughter asked me to be the celebrant at her wedding last May. I was so flattered but very much felt that this was a one off because I’d never done public speaking or anything similar. But when I did it, I absolutely loved it!! It felt so natural and lots of people commented on how good I was, so I decided to train and do it all officially. I’m loving it, every aspect! From meeting with couples and learning all about them and their love story, to writing a script that reflects who they are, meeting other suppliers like you, getting to know vendors etc etc. It’s a new trade for me but it is absolutely my calling. I’ve never been happier and I know this is work I can continue doing for many years.

Can you share some behind-the-scenes details about what goes into creating a personalised and meaningful ceremony for each couple?

I meet with a couple and get a feel for who they are and what sort of wedding they’re after. Then, once a contract is signed, I’ll send over a questionnaire that I ask each to fill in separately. It’s a really good way to get a feel for a relationship. Often one is much wordier than the other, but it’s amazing how much similarity there is from each person.

Based on what I’ve learned I will write a script which I send over to the couple and then we meet again to go through it all. After that it’s usually just a few tweaks and we won’t meet again until the day (unless there’s a rehearsal).

What is your favourite part about officiating weddings and helping couples tie the knot? What makes what you do different to a pastor or officiant?

My favourite part is the joy. There’s nothing quite like a wedding – so full of love and everyone there is important to the couple, with all eyes on them and their big day.

As a celebrant, I can create whatever wedding ceremony a couple wants. I can include religion or leave it out. I can create something that mixes two faiths or that touches on an important spiritual belief. It can be short or long, include live music and readings, symbolic rituals etc etc. There are no rules.

Can you offer any advice for brides on how to choose the right celebrant for their wedding?

My advice to anyone that’s looking for a celebrant is to speak to a few. There are many amazing celebrants out there and it might take a moment to find the one that’s perfect for you.

Some celebrants are bold and bright and colourful, others focus on humour and laughter, some are more traditional, it really does depend on what the couple is after. I think one tends to “feel” if it’s right or not straight away. I wouldn’t be offended if a couple met with me and decided to go with someone else; in the same way if I met a couple who wanted to do something I might not feel comfortable with, or who I felt was not a good fit for me, I would let them know. 

Are there any unique or special ceremonies/traditions that you have helped couples incorporate into their weddings?

I love it when couples write their own vows. They are so personal and from the heart. I’ll happily help with this, or read through what they’ve done.

I have a favourite symbolic element that I like to include in a wedding and that’s the Ring Warming. Both wedding rings are in a little pouch that gets passed around the congregation while I’m leading the service. As each person holds the pouch they think of a positive affirmation.

It’s very simple, but so meaningful. 

Are you considering having a wedding celebrant at your wedding?

Having met Arabella I can tell she is super caring for her couples. If you are in need of a wedding celebrant visit her website and enquire today. I hope you enjoyed these tips from a Deal Kent based Wedding Celebrant.

May 13, 2024

Tips from a Deal Kent based Wedding Celebrant

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