Have you ever wondered about my journey as a photographer? Well, here I plan to share with you as much as I can in as little space as possible in Behind the Lens – the Story of a UK Luxury Wedding Photographer.

My first experience with a camera

Much of my story began playing around with my Nikon D3000 I bought back in 2009 when I decided to pick Photography as an A-level to complement Graphic Design. Previously I would always be the one at parties taking photos on my phone or editing my friends’ photos. I was only in my early teens but really liked being the one with the camera.


Originally I wanted to be an advert designer, but shortly after my first year I knew I had more of a knack for photography. Street photography was fun and all, but I didn’t see how I could make this as a business. The thing I have still taken away from street photography to weddings is getting myself right into the mix of what’s happening, rather than shying away.


Shortly after arriving at UCA I found a number of the fashion students needed photographers to photograph their work. This would involve getting students to model, to scout locations, mood-board lighting, choose themes and make-up. I really thrived in these situations because I listened to everyones needs and was able to capture it. This gave me the direction I needed by going into fashion photography.

The Photographer Academy

Towards the end of my time at UCA I entered a worldwide competition for The Photographer Academy‘s yearly apprenticeship. To cut a long story short, Deborah Selwood and I won out of over 700 entries. We spent a year photographing models in all sorts of settings, learning complex lighting techniques in and out of studio. I also taught myself detailed photo compositing (basically, shooting one image in studio, another at a location, and putting it all together in Photoshop afterwards).

Kent Fashion Photography

Then I spent some time assisting for top fashion photographers in London and working for modelling agencies shooting their new models.

I have since had a number of my photographs approved by Italian Vogue, one featured in their “Best Of” series & even had a wedding client tell me that one was printed!

Stock & Celebrity Photography

It has been a pleasure to photograph a handful of celebrities in the past too, and I definitely hope to do more of this in future. See if you recognise any faces! I began working with Lightstock to shoot stock photography for and found myself shooting with editorial features in mind. Editorial is essentially photographs to accompany a feature. In essence, I have learned that editorial photography means to photograph things in a less obvious, more nuanced way to tell the story of whatever it is you are trying to tell.

Editorial & Luxury Wedding Photography

In 2012 I photographed my first wedding after a friend watched me grow as a fashion photographer. This sparked something in me and I’m so thankful I said yes to that opportunity all those years ago. I have the influence of fashion & editorial to accompany my wedding photography, and I love it that way.

My story now as a UK Luxury Wedding Photographer

So what now? Having gone “Behind the Lens – The Story of a UK Luxury Wedding Photographer” I can tell you that now I shooting a modest amount of weddings each year, being a recommended supplier at some of my favourite Kent Wedding Venues and thriving as a UK Luxury Wedding Photographer.

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May 3, 2024

The Story of a UK Luxury Wedding Photographer


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