I have experienced some pretty windy conditions, but this windy wedding at East Quay Kent Wedding Venue was a whole other level. Considering I used to live by the sea and was an avid windsurfer, on this wedding day the wind was so strong! Despite the wind, East Quay still looked beautiful and everybody was really brave with being outside. 

Bridal Preparation

The pros to getting ready at your house are that it is familiar ground and can really help with any pre-wedding nerves. You also know where everything is and there is less likelihood of forgetting anything. The cons can be that the aesthetics aren’t the same as a wedding venue’s accommodation or a stylish airbnb. However, that’s the point with it being your wedding: It’s totally up to you!

East Kent Wedding Venue

Now, in terms of wedding venues near the sea (south East coast anyway) you won’t get much closer than East Quay Kent Wedding Venue. Perhaps the Royal Hotel in Deal might be closer, but other than that I don’t think there are any. There are bags of locations nearby, the sunsets are insane, and they specialise in fish and chips for food. Plus, inside the festoons & fairy lights everywhere were so pretty, and welcome relief from the elements.

The ceremony was intimate and sweet. The love in the room was shown by everybody listening in and paying such careful attention to the bride and groom.

Now when I say it was windy, it was really really windy. Veil blowing off kind of windy. Thankfully it got caught by a family members’ face!

UK Luxury Wedding Photographer

Remember – overcast days don’t mean that you will have dreary photos. In fact, the lighting becomes softer and it looks super nice.

Do you see what I mean about East Quay Kent Wedding Venue having a variety of locations? Even with intermittent sunlight, patches of rain and howling wind we still captured some beautiful portraits. This is why I love to explore venues rather than intricately pose couples.

East Quay Kent Wedding Venue

Also, just check out this sunset at the end of the day. An awesome wedding at East Quay Kent Wedding Venue.

March 25, 2024

East Quay Kent Wedding Venue


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