Recommended Florists in Kent & Cambridge

Having lived in Cambridge for 4 years I have worked with a number of awesome suppliers that have served clients so well, and now I am moving back to Kent in June 2024 I have a number of recommended florists in Kent & Cambridge.

Every wedding I photograph has flowers of some kind involved – I even had one wedding where they crafted floral backdrops out of paper! It actually looked amazing, check it out:

But for those without a wedding planner who desire a luxury wedding with less of the DIY creative energy, I have a bunch (pun intended) of recommended florists in Kent & Cambridge and here’s a little list of them:

Flower Art by Michele

Michele’s style is slightly more traditional and is able to create bouquets that perfectly matched in with the bridesmaids dresses which at times can be pretty hard to do!

Lucy Wildbloom

To create such stunning bouquets in mid December is a hard task, and you just wouldn’t know that it was borderline snowing outside with the warmth and condition of these flowers. Also, side note, Lucy is super nice to work with and a good communicator: we often chat on Instagram which makes her so easy to recommend.

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Wild Stems

Wild Stems creations are so unique and so bespoke I couldn’t help but mention them first. Particularly for Janki & Andy’s wedding she created these traditional flower garlands and structures for the ceremony area that could be moved to the reception later. I mean, wow, talk about vibrancy.

Clare Kenward Flowers

I loved the classiness that came with these flowers – subtle colours but such contrast, not drawing away from the beautiful bride either.

Manor Florist

I often bump into the head florist at Burwash Manor and she immediately remembered Sophie and her gorgeous bouquet and the vision she had for her day. It’s great when florist’s are so personal and get invested in to how your wedding day goes, you really get that impression from this florist.

Enjoy this helpful bit of direction for people I recommend hiring to supply your wedding flowers.

March 19, 2024

Recommended Florists in Kent & Cambridge

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