Bride and Groom walking across the grass at the Old Kent Barn

I’m going to show my cards here – The Old Kent Barn is one of my top 3 wedding venues in Kent, so when I got asked to photograph Amy & Jordan’s Old Kent Barn Autumn Wedding here I jumped at the opportunity.

A photograph of the inside of the old Kent Barn before guests arrive

I mean, yes it looks beautiful, but it’s the way that I’m treated as a professional: they always give me the best vegan food, drinks during the day, and there’s always somebody there to answer any questions I have or get anything that I might need. And if that’s how I’m treated as a fellow worker, think how well they treat their couples.

Portrait of Tom Keenan the Kent wedding photographer

Kent Wedding Photographer Tom Keenan

Something that I love about getting to go to a select number of weddings a year are the characters – I get to know my couples well before the day, but it isn’t until it’s the big day that I really see them shine.

Big Characters at an Old Kent Barn Autumn Wedding

What I love about Jordan and Amy was that they are big characters with a big amount of love to give. Talking about big characters, they had some awesome guests too!

When I’m shooting at such a beautiful location it can be hard to decide on a place to do group photos. The trick? Make a decision and commit to it. There was this beautiful red tree that would have shed it’s leaves the next week and I couldn’t ignore it for this Old Kent Barn Autumn Wedding.

What about dreary weather at an Old Kent Barn Autumn Wedding?

Overcast days don’t mean that you will have dreary photos – in fact, the lighting becomes softer and it looks super nice. Just check out the even lighting on these few photos here.

How is everybody so relaxed?

From speeches to dancefloor this was such a happy occasion because everyone was so relaxed. A few things help this. One is creating a bespoke timing plan for each couple which is available for every package. The other is that the couple knew who they wanted to invite and only invited people that really meant something special to them. Weddings cost and it’s a beautiful gesture to lavish money on your loved ones.

March 16, 2024

Old Kent Barn Autumn Wedding


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