Engagement Shoot in Cambridge with Hatty and Andy

Now that I am a Dad, I’ve now got a National Trust membership and I can tell you, some of the locations are epic for photography. So, when Hatty & Andy chose to have their Cambridge Engagement Shoot at Anglesea Abbey I was so stoked to make the most of the beautiful space.

Before I became a Dad I had an English Heritage membership – my wife and I would make picnics and find sweet places to eat.

Basically, we love food, and wanted somewhere nice to eat it.

Autumn Engagement Shoot

It was Autumn, borderline winter, but there were enough leaves for it to still look golden and pretty, and warm enough to not have to wear the biggest coats. We didn’t have confetti but it was the next best thing. I threw some leaves in the air and had Andy and Hatty show me their best first dance moves during their Cambridge Engagement Shoot at Anglesea Abbey.

Do something fun on your engagement shoot

There is a time and a place for the studio setting, but I love exploring the outdoors. Most of what a couple shoot involves is doing the normal stuff with the one you love. It could be simply walking, talking, getting close and treasuring that special time. Like every other couple I work with, Hatty & Andy had never had a professional photo shoot before and were a little nervous until they met me. I’m all about bringing peace, and that’s something I will always embody for you.

Is there somewhere that means a lot to you and your girlfriend / boyfriend where you think they would love to be proposed to? Think about those places and make it happen.

Check out some of their shots.

Here’s the truth with an engagement / couple shoot, it’s such a good encouragement before your wedding day. It will show you that you CAN and will look wonderful in front of the camera, not awkward.

March 13, 2024

Cambridge Engagement Shoot at Anglesea Abbey