Beautiful confetti at Reach Court Farm in Kent

I would say that 90% of my wedding couples decide that they would like to have confetti, but I say you really want to get the most out of your confetti shot. It looks beautiful and it’s one of my signature shots (just check out my featured weddings, there’s definitely enough there!).

So before you go skipping on down the confetti aisle, make a note of some of these tips for you, the couple, as you walk.

Take the memories in during the confetti

Beautiful confetti at Reach Court Farm in Kent

One of the things almost everybody who has ever got married will tell you “the day goes SO quickly!” – it really does. Practise gratitude and look around at your friends and family who love and adore you. It’s helpful when you have a Kent Wedding Photographer who can help you to be mindful, not just on the day, but from all the conversations beforehand. Don’t be a spectator during your wedding, really absorb the moments as they happen.

Walk slowly during the confetti shot

Indoor confetti throwing shot by Kent Wedding Photographer Tom Keenan

This helps your photographer and videographer get some dreamy footage of you, plus it means that Nan doesn’t miss out on chucking her confetti over you because you’ve zoomed past. There’s no need to run, only if you’re escaping rain – everything else can wait for you.

Look at the love of your life as confetti is thrown

Hollie & Kieran having confetti thrown on them

It makes for an epic photograph and you can take a mental snapshot of your husband/wife being surrounded by confetti. When you think back on times in your life that mattered to you, you will be able to call back the memories in your own mind if you take the time to look at your spouse.

Extra tip for how to get the most out of your confetti shot

Put your bridal party near each other, either at the beginning or end of the aisle, so that when we shoot the photos you can see a bunch of them in the background. This will really help you get the most out of your confetti shot, if you’re going to have one, make it count.

March 10, 2024

Get the most out of your confetti shot

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