I’m a fan when every part of the wedding is in one place as it means less logistics to work out. However, as an editorial documentary photographer, when there are three different locations on a wedding day, providing they aren’t hours apart, it’s all systems go and we deliver. This was the case for this Summer wedding in Sandwich, Kent.

Yes, Sandwich is the name of a place.

And it’s a beautiful place, too for this.

I’ve known it well, since I lived 10 minutes away for most of my life before moving to Cambridge.

Photograph of the bride's dress hanging up for her Summer Wedding in Sandwich, Kent.
Bride having her hair and make-up being applied in a monochrome photograph for her summer wedding in Sandwich, Kent

Kent Wedding Photographer

For bridal preparation photos I travelled to Ramsgate where Sian has her own business “Sian Hair & Beauty” – Sian was in the client seat this time and the atmosphere was relaxed, even her daughter Willow was pretty chilled during hair and make up thanks to Sian’s trusty bridesmaids.

Arriving by double decker bus, the whole wedding party pulled up into Sandwich high street for the ceremony at the Guild Hall. The sun was bright, the sky was clear and there was a healthy busyness about the cattle market this morning. This was truly a beautiful Summer Wedding in Sandwich, Kent.

Bride walking across the market at her summer wedding in Sandwich, Kent.
Bride smiling to herself outside the ceremony at her summer wedding in Sandwich, Kent.

Post ceremony/group photo, Sian & Tom made their way down to the Quay where in the willow trees (yes, their daughter is called Willow!) we shot some of the most stunning newlywed photographs.

We even made our way onto the actual Quay itself, where we spotted a young couple eating pizza. It looked yummy!

The celebrations then took us down to Oddfellows in Ramsgate, a venue that used to be owned by a Grandfather so had huge sentimental value. Speeches were authentic, celebration was electric and Sian and Tom were elated to finally call themselves Husband and Wife.

Congratulations and every blessing for your family unit, Sian & Tom – Tom Keenan, Kent Wedding Photographer

February 27, 2024

Summer wedding in Sandwich, Kent


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