Couple holding hands on the beach in Norfolk photographed by Cambridge Engagement Photographer Tom Keenan

I was so stoked when Malte & Louise decided to tailor their package to include a Norfolk Beach Engagement Shoot – although it was a little further afield to where I usually travel, I just have to highlight to you some of my favourites.

When you consider the time that you are taking to meet with a wedding planner to plan your Kent Wedding there are a lot of hours going into it. This is where couple shoots / engagement shoots provide value – you get to achieve some beautiful portraits of just you and your spouse, before your wedding day, to get you excited for the big day. You can also see the angles you like/dislike, and communicate that with me or have in mind when enjoying your couple shoot on your wedding day.

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I’ma tell you now, I missed the sea. So to do a Norfolk Beach Engagement Shoot while I was living in Cambridge made me so nostalgic of having had my whole childhood on the doorstep of the ocean.

Couple holding hands on the beach in Norfolk photographed by Cambridge Engagement Photographer Tom Keenan

Seals on the beach in Norfolk?!

I had NO IDEA that the beach which was suggested by the couple had so many seals!? Such an awesome surprise. When I say so many seals, I’m not exaggerating either – the seals even had their own security guards, which I think is one of the coolest job titles ever. Can you spot them dotted on the beach in the background?

Seal Officer on Norfolk Beach

Anyway, we got to run down some dunes – it also kept us warm! With documentary photography I am all about capturing moments rather than intricate posing.

Couple running down sand dunes in Norfolk
Couple standing at the top of a sand dune in Norfolk

And when walking doesn’t warm you up there’s always big coated cuddles.

Couple enjoying a moment together on Norfolk Beach

Life after getting married quickly changes, and if kids happen to come along you can become so accustomed to the face that captivated you all those years ago. So, grab that face, and enjoy it.

Big cuddle outside a shed at Norfolk Beach for an engagement shoot

Most of my couples begin to believe that they will actually look themselves on their wedding day and that the photographs will be beautifully natural – however some people want the proof, a confidence boost or even just images for your save the dates, so engagement shoots become super handy in that scenario.

Walking down a sand dune enjoying quality time during a couple shoot by Tom Keenan Photography

Enjoy the time that you are engaged, it goes super quick.

February 24, 2024

Norfolk Beach Engagement Shoot


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