Why have an engagement shoot to add to your wedding photography package?

Firstly, why not? If you are investing in your wedding photography and want to genuinely see how beautiful you can look in front of the camera before you get married it can be a worthy investment, for a fraction of the overall wedding photography cost.

What’s the point in a shoot before your wedding, be it in Kent, Cambridge or London?


Some people (well, pretty much all people) feel a bit shy when faced with the task of having their photograph taken. This is normal and is a really good reason to have an engagement shoot with your wedding photographer – you get to have loads of fun goofing around with your bestie while the photographer captures those cute moments you have. I’m all about authenticity, not making you feel like a model that has to do intricate poses. If you look through the photographs below, you will see that the couples are not models and are either doing something, watching something, physically interacting with each other or have been given a gentle prompt by me.


You also have the luxury of being able to look through a beautiful set of informal photographs to find that you actually look pretty cute, that you don’t need to be self conscious, and that you can trust the photographer to do their job on your special day. It’s also a lovely opportunity to meet me, the Kent Wedding Photographer, in my working environment.

I haven’t even included the whole list of what my service includes here but you can see that on my investment page.

The best thing about an engagement shoot is that you get the product of value BEFORE your actual wedding day!

There you have it.

February 9, 2024

Why have an engagement shoot?


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