Read on to find out how to use sparklers at your wedding

Not all wedding celebrations have an elaborate exit planned.

Some weddings don’t have an exit planned at all and that’s totally fine.

We knew at our wedding in Deal, Kent that we wanted to party and celebrate with our friends and family, but we also knew that we wanted to get back to our new home for the first time.

The Old Kent Barn Wedding Photographer

So, how do we leave?

Way back in our grandparents’ generation the wedding was merely the ceremony at a church. Then they would be off in a car to the honeymoon destination of choice! Job done.

But times have changed and we can be creative with how we want to bid farewell to our family and friends. I love being an editorial documentary wedding photographer, but I also love aesthetics and creating beautiful things where authentic moments can happen.

So, Sparklers, anybody?

Tips for how to use sparklers at your wedding

If it’s longer, it typically burns longer.

Look at the reviews – how bright are they? How long do they last? I totally recommend having your wedding planner source these as they will have the best connections over your google searches.

Are they child friendly? Who is dishing them out? Where should they go when you’re done?

Is there enough of them for two each?

For you photographers, use a wide aperture and high ISO – encourage people to put the sparklers close to the camera and couple, without being too dangerous! Try not to use flash as it can kill the light that the sparklers are giving.

Be safe, but get massive sparklers.

February 6, 2024

How to use sparklers at your wedding

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