Have you ever been at a wedding and had that feeling?

You’ve finished the main course, and the dessert seems to have vanished into thin air: there’s a gap for something more

Yep, you guessed it:

Your sweet stomach? What if there were some doughnut walls and other sweet wedding ideas around?

The Old Kent Barn

If you’re anything like me and my wife, you can get through a vast dinner, be “full”, but still have space for sweets.

It isn’t the end of the world if there isn’t something sweet to snack on – but if you go the extra mile for your luxurious wedding, you can make the day that little bit more memorable.

Here are a few ideas I have seen at weddings that have gone down great as a sweet treat after the main meal:

The Old Kent Barn


Who doesn’t like sweets?

With the number of vegan alternatives out there in this day and age, you can get an array of fizzy and tasty sweets. However, other than satisfying your taste buds, sweets don’t quite hit the calorie count needed to take you through until dinner time.

If you go for pick and mix sweets just make sure that there are utensils to pick up the sweets and even hand sanitiser close by. You could even create a scene for the sweets and then pre-package them into bags if you really don’t want everyone helping themselves.

The Old Kent Barn

Doughnut Wall

These are harder to source but functionally easy. At a couple of hundred calories a doughnut, these sure hit the spot more than a handful of sweets. However, you do risk having sticky fingers and needing to wash your hands afterwards!


Not everybody is accustomed to going to church; Jess and Ethan knew this and had the fantastic idea of getting a popcorn stand in the foyer of their church wedding. This broke down the barrier that church was of an old tradition and a place where you couldn’t have fun, plus the popcorn came in these cute vintage boxes!

Pulled Pork / Jackfruit Rolls

If you’re thinking extra, then look no further.

Some weddings are longer than others, and you will never go hungry at The Old Kent Barn no matter how long the wedding. Karim and Jo requested between 8pm & 9pm for pulled pork and jackfruit rolls (for us vegan lot) to be served as a snack in the later evening. It’s different; it wasn’t a sweet snack, it wasn’t the main meal, but it definitely satisfied peckish family members.

I hope this has given you some tasty ideas for your wedding, whether it’s doughnut walls and other sweet wedding ideas or something else. If you’re creating your wedding yourself, go for it, make it happen. If you have booked a wedding planner, ask them! They will be happy to turn your dreams into a reality.

January 31, 2024

Doughnut Walls and other sweet wedding ideas

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