This Winter Wedding at Winters Barns, Kent shows just how well this Kent Wedding Venue does their weddings. Also, it was near Christmas which looked so festive!

Church weddings hold a special place in my heart, having been married myself in a church in Kent. However, when the entire wedding is in one location my brain takes a sigh of relief. I love organisation! It helps the day flow easily. This was the case for this winter wedding at Winters Barns, Kent. The warmth in the dressing rooms, ceremony & reception area was so inviting on such a cold day.

Have a look at how cosy the bride and bridal party look while they prepared for the day.

Laughs filled the ceremony space and you will just have to pretend that Sarah didn’t forget her bouquet at the end of the aisle. After all, the marriage certificate was just as if not more powerful! 

The classic confetti moment was fun, and just moments after Alex had to help Sarah out with confetti that got stuck in unhelpful places…

Check out some of the speeches, heard all the way from Australia thanks to FaceTime!

The next photo is just a shout out to all the introverts out there that need a minute out at a wedding. Sometimes you just need to have a lay down on a sofa away from all the people, and that’s okay!

Dancing into the night was awesome, and with all the Christmas lights around we just had to get a few more couples photographs.

March 22, 2024

Winter Wedding at Winters Barns, Kent