Trafalgar Tavern Wedding Photographer

This London wedding was so much fun and the guests were lovely. Milli & Richie’s wedding day was a big celebration and it was a joy to be their luxury wedding photographer. Fashionably, the way the space was styled was floral but classic, fitting for this beautiful wedding. Milli & Richie decided to book a bespoke photography package for their Trafalgar Tavern Editorial Wedding Celebration which included 10+ hours of coverage and just one photographer.

Trafalgar Tavern Wedding Photographer

The Trafalgar Tavern, a renowned London wedding venue, provided a stunning backdrop for their special day. Firstly, as they exchanged heartfelt vows and emotional speeches, Milli & Richie helped make everyone feel comfortable simply by being themselves. The way they were able to do this was simply by inviting the people that meant the most to them. That way, they knew all of the family were rooting for them and celebrating with them.

Space for emotions at a wedding

I really enjoy capturing the emotions after the couple are officially married. There are always lots of hugs and laughter as everybody celebrates the fact the couple are finally married. I recommend giving time and space between getting married and the next thing, so you can breathe and relax.

Editorial Wedding Photographer in the UK

Despite the initial plan to capture some editorial wedding portraits at the National Maritime Museum, we were spoiled for choice with the picturesque locations on our doorstep. The Thames provided a breathtaking backdrop for their couple photos. I always help my couples to feel peaceful when having their photos taken, having them focus on each other rather than me.

Emotional Speeches are welcome

Speeches don’t have to be long (I recommend a max of ten minutes each) but it’s meaningful to be vulnerable with emotions. These speeches were beautiful, even stopping midway through for hugs. My kind of speeches for sure!

Trafalgar Tavern Wedding Celebration Dancefloor

I love a live band, and the band covered some of Milli & Richie’s favourite songs which was super fun.

Trafalgar Tavern Wedding

Finally, if you’re getting married at the Trafalgar Tavern you’ll have an amazing time. And if you want wedding photographs like this, fill in my contact form today.

July 1, 2024

Trafalgar Tavern Wedding Celebration